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ECU Remapping

We all want to extract the best performance from our car – better mileage, more responsive engine, and more torque and power. Some car owners do it for fun, but for most of us who are hit by the non-stop rise of fuel and parts prices, tuning your car to perform better is a necessity.

As an answer to this need, AutoGogola offers chip tuning / ECU remapping. Though the process may sound like an adventurous foray into modifying your car, it is actually very safe and has been done to millions of cars with exceptional results.

Typical BHP / Torque Increase Values

No two cars are the same, so no two cars will have the same end result. We will give your car the most performance that we can apply safely, but as a guide you can expect as follows:


Non-turbo Petrol or Diesel


Turbo Petrol


Turbo Diesel



What is ECU?

All modern cars are controlled by a small computer called the ECU (engine control unit). This chip is largely responsible for your car’s performance, controlling anything from fuel injection and dose of the air entering your engine  to the detailed parameters of the engine’s working conditions.

What are the Benefits of ECU Remapping?

Car makers normally use conservative values when programming your car’s ECU to take into account different variables such as poor fuel quality and infrequent servicing schedules. As a result, most cars run way below their maximum power output or consume more fuel than they need to.

Optimising your car’s ECU software results to superior performance you haven’t experienced before. It could be in the form of better driveability, more responsive engine, increased power, or fuel efficiency. In real life situations, this could translate to savings in fuel and parts, safer driving conditions, and lower carbon footprints.

Car owners who availed of our ECU remapping services have reported increased torque and smoother engine operation because of cleaner combustion. These, and other benefits, have convinced millions of car owners of the benefits of chip tuning and ECU remapping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECU remapping?

Remapping the ECU involves changing its default system configurations by overwriting the software in the ECU with one that is programmed to optimise your car’s performance.

ECU remapping allows us to fine tune your car’s performance by modifying the software that controls different functions of your car. It is like optimising your car’s performance to fit your driving profile and improve its performance. The effects of this operation are optimised engine performance, better drivability, more responsive engine, and fuel efficiency among others.

Can you remap the ECU of my old car?

Yes, we can. The benefits that you will get from ECU remapping are not dependent on the age of your car. We have worked on cars with very high mileage and still observed considerable improvement in performance and fuel efficiency. We use custom map for every car to make sure that we only get the best results.