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Do you experience intermittent problems with your car that often go away the moment you bring your car in for repair?

You are not alone. This head scratching experience is shared by millions of car owners in the UK. For car owners, experiencing minor car troubles is nothing new. But what is annoying, if not distressing, is not knowing exactly the problem with your car.

Fortunately, your car is equipped with on-board diagnostics that stores data about every major components present, as well as every faults in them. Using the latest hardware and software, we can hook your car into our computer and pull out a detailed report about the state of its individual components.

Why avail of AutoGogola’s computer diagnostic service?

Imagine getting stranded for hours on the street on a dark night because your car died without warning. We will not let this happen to you.



Importance of Good Diagnosis

Knowing exactly what component to repair or replace can save you lots of problems in the future. It also prevents car problems from happening at the most inconvenient times.

With us, you save time and money.

We perform computer diagnostics in real time so you don’t waste your time waiting for results. We are the instant coffee of car repair – just give us a few minutes and we will serve with steaming cup of useful data about your car. And we do it with a smile.

Benefits of Good Diagnosis

Accurate Diagnosis

Your safety is too important for us to take a chance on. With computer diagnostic, we will let you know even the minor errors in your car before they get worse. Our expert mechanics use the most advance tools to extract a comprehensive report about the condition of every component in your car and use it to advice you on what repairs to make.

Reduces Cost

The continued use of your car with impaired component can affect other components as well. Prevent this from happening by detecting faults in your car early. This helps you avoid costly repair caused by damage on other parts effectively saving you trouble and money in the longer run. We will always advise you on potential issues, but charge only for the actual work conducted.

Accelerates Repair

Performing computer diagnostics beforehand prevents us from diving blindly into your car’s complex systems just to find the faulty components. When it comes to servicing your car, trial and error is thing of the past. Like a surgeon equipped with the latest CAT Scan, we go directly to where the error is and do our work quickly and efficiently.