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Diesel Specialists

For the past 15 years, AutoGogola has been the authority in servicing Diesel engines in the greater London area. Our expertise, state of the art tools and equipment, and commitment to quality service have continuously set us apart from other repair shops when it comes to testing, diagnosis, and repair of all kinds of modern diesel engines.

With AutoGogola, every car will be afforded the best care possible regardless of its make, mileage, or condition.

We are equipped with the latest scan tools needed for the diagnosis and repair of modern diesel engines.


Some of the services that we offer

  • Engine Performance Analysis
  • Computer and Electronic Systems Testing
  • Fuel Injection Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Injector Pump Diagnostics and Repairs
  • EGR Diagnostics and Repairs
  • DPF Removal

Computer Diagnostic

The complex and ever changing technologies used in modern diesel engines require the latest tools – both software and hardware – from the major manufacturers to properly diagnose faults in them. Without these state of the art scan tools, it will be almost impossible for a mechanic to accurately pinpoint the exact fault of an engine, wasting both the time and money of car owners due to inaccurate diagnosis and inappropriate repairs.

Aided by the latest in computer diagnosis, our expert diesel engine mechanics can easily diagnose any fault in diesel engines and perform the necessary repairs if needed. We know exactly how much you value your car, that’s why we do all necessary safeguards to make sure that we conduct all our repairs and maintenance safely and efficiently.

Manual Diagnostics

Our expertise is not limited to calibrating and tuning computer systems alone. For more than 15 years that we have worked with different car makes, we accumulated a high degree of expertise that allows us to service older cars that are not equipped with computerised onboard diagnostics.

For older cars without the requisite computerised systems, we can perform manual diagnostics and repair. Our technicians are like master craftsmen who know all the inner workings of every diesel engine used on cars, relying on their skills and experience to accurately diagnose and repair any fault in them.