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AutoGogola offers a complete DPF removal service that allows you to save hundreds or thousands of Pounds in maintenance and replacement cost.

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device that is attached to the exhaust system of diesel engines to reduce the pollution emitted into the air. In particular, the filter is designed to trap the solid particles from the exhaust gas before it is released into the air.

The DPF is designed to be maintenance free. Under normal running conditions, the filter routinely becomes clogged with solid particles such as soot from exhaust, tiny solids from engine wear, and cinders from the engine oil. To remove these particles and keep the filter functioning, the DPF has to regenerate periodically. Regeneration requires burning off the accumulated particles to clear the clogged filter.

However, regeneration is not possible at all times. For one, the temperature of the exhaust gas must be high enough for regeneration to happen, a condition that is hard to attain for cars that are routinely used for short distances only. If regeneration is not possible, the filter becomes overloaded with particulates and the car will have to brought in for maintenance, and if needed, have the DPF replaced.

This is when the real problem starts

Replacement of an overloaded DPF can easily cost you more than £1000, a very hefty price for a component that is not even mandatory for vehicles in the United Kingdom. More importantly, it is not even a requirement for passing an MOT and removing it from your vehicle will not affect your vehicle’s ability to pass any emission test.
AutoGogola’s DPF removal service helps you avoid costly DPF repair and replacement. Aside from the obvious savings, removing your car’s DPF also results in fuel savings and better performance. With AutoGogola, you are assured of complete and professional DPF removal service that is reliable and totally safe.
What we offer is total DPF removal. Aside from physically removing the filter from your car’s exhaust system, we will also deactivate its function from the car’s ECU. This is very important because failure to deactivate the DPF function will from the ECU will result to error lights in the dashboard.

Motorists who undertake our DPF service will receive a MOT testing at the reduced price of £25.

EGR Diagnostics and Repair

Consider the following:

  • You have hard time starting your car
  • You hear loud pinging or detonation from your car’s engine when accelerating under heavy load
  • You notice rough idling or random misfiring

If your car is experiencing all of the listed symptoms, then its Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR) is most probably the source of the problem.

Primarily aimed at reducing the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted by your car, the EGR system must be kept functioning at all times. Any fault in this very important component can result to problems in the operation of your car’s engine. Most common among them are problems in starting, rough idling, pinging or knocking sound when accelerating, and misfiring.

We at AutoGogola are committed to giving you the best possible riding experience. Our expert car mechanics can perform EGR diagnostics, and if needed, carry out the necessary repair or replacement procedure. To give you the best value for your money, we use the latest technology and equipment to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with your car’s EGR system.

Without this very important component to reduce NOx emission, your car will fail every emission test mandated by law. Don’t let that happen. Bring your car in the moment you experience any problem with its EGR and we will take care of the rest. With us, you are assured that your car will be back to normal in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove the car’s DPF?

Removing the DPF is done with extreme care so as not to mess up the vehicle ECU software. First, we access the ECU software in our laptop via the OBD socket. After connecting, we backup the software. Only then it is safe to erase all DPF references in the program, and then load the modified software into the ECU.

We can now safely remove the DPF and the temperature and pressure sensor from your car. Without the DPF references in the ECU, your car will not attempt to detect if the DPF is present.

Why should I have my car’s DPF removed?

At some point of your car’s life, you will have to replace or repair its DPF. This is because the continuous accumulation of pollutants and particulates from the engines can clog the filter which natural regeneration may not be able to remedy. In case of replacement, expect to pay more than £1000 for a new filter. In contrast, DPF removal cost can be as low as £200.

Does removing the DPF affect my car’s MOT test result?

No, the DPF is not a requirement for passing the MOT. There is no regulation that requires the installation of Diesel Particulate Filter or is it needed to pass any emission tests. That is why the DPF can be removed from any vehicle without any adverse effect to its MOT test results.